Broker Registration Agreement

To gain access to the Producer Toolbox, you will need to register. To register, start the sign-up process by agreeing to the Broker Registration Agreement. You will need to provide some initial information so that we can identify you, and then confirm your registration by providing a User Name and Password. Upon successful completion, we will send you a confirmation email.

Usage Agreement

In consideration of the assignment to me of login credentials for access to the Producer Toolbox Website, I agree to the following terms of usage:
  • I agree to keep my login credentials (User Name and Password) private. I will not share my login credentials with anyone personal or business related, nor will I assist anyone in gaining unauthorized access to the Producer Toolbox Website.
  • I will not attempt to log in to the Producer Toolbox Website using any other login credentials other than my own.
  • I will use information from the Producer Toolbox Website strictly in accordance with the law and only for conducting business in accordance with the terms of my agent or broker agreement and for no other purpose whatsoever. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, and in accordance with the Business Associate Agreement I have entered into, I specifically agree to take all necessary precautions to safeguard the privacy and security of any Personal Health Information to which I may have access through use of the Producer Toolbox Website.
  • I will not attempt to access any area or data within this system for which I have not been granted access.
  • I agree that I am solely responsible for the accuracy of any information I provide via the Producer Toolbox Website.
  • I understand that my login credentials will be revoked if not used within a 12 month period
  • I agree that this Usage Agreement shall be deemed a part of my agent or broker agreement, and is hereby incorporated therein by reference. Any breach of this Usage Agreement shall be a material breach of that agent or broker agreement. All provisions of that agent or broker agreement not specifically inconsistent herewith remain in full effect. In addition to all remedies available for any breach of that agreement, I understand that any violation hereunder may be grounds for further legal action and loss of access.